Nadya Mamaeva

Wedding accessories designer

Hi, My name is Nadya and I make one-of-a-kind, nature-inspired wedding accessories for brides-to-be who love unique and detail-oriented pieces. I've always had an eye for creativity in whatever I do in life. Whether it be gardening, computer design or art. My designs are inspired by flowers. For the project's life - 13 years, I took part in two “Haute couture” shows in Moscow; I have made a few private wedding accessories collections for my clients from Poland, Italy, and Spain.

  • Exploring real flowers provide a moment of calm and focus on helping us feel more "balanced". It helped me learn the basics of the shape and colour of flowers and then use those skills to develop handmade flowers.

    Nadya M.


I sell my items worldwide. Thanks to modern technologies, there are no borders and the time difference between my customer and me. The embodiment of the whole idea is under the customer’s control – each smallest detail, colour scheme selection, choice of the stones and threads etc. My flower brand development is based on perfect services and customer loyalty. Quality over quantity! Customers are satisfied with product quality and service level, recommending our brand to relatives and friends. My key goal is to provide a high-quality and relevant assortment.

Contact us to find out more or how we can help you better. Custom orders.

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